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Video Production Services

FD Productions provides the following video production services
Video crew
Hire a professional film crew to capture any content internal or external narrative or not.
Video Editing
Provide existing footage from the cloud or provide a drive and our post production team will tackle your assignment.
VFX / Motion Graphic
Animation, vfx, and motion graphic by artists inhouse domestically with attention to detail & polished feel.
Creative Services
Outsource your actor/actress search, location management, concept development, storyboard, script writing, pre-production, and more!
Video Promotion Services
Employ FD specialists to address promotion-related aspects of all types of video and media formats.
Re-editing services.
Re-capture your audience with a fresher perspective on the edit, have our post production professionals provide an alternate edit to media or footage already edited.

Focus on Video

FD Productions specializes in providing high quality video production services.
Client Focused Processes
FD Productions specializes in providing concept development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution services.
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A Focus on Video & Film
FD operates four core verticals including (i) film production; (ii) film editing; (iii) digital media; and (iv) branded entertainment.
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video production process

FD Productions believes in traditional film production processes to produce all types of productions.

why FD Productions

24|7 on demand video or film editing.
For last minute corporate or narrative post production assignments we have broadcast editors ready for your post-production needs.
24x7 chat
We main 100% responsive for all types of assignnments for current and past clients
Inclusion is key to our success.
We’re a talented, proud, diverse cast of characters from all walks of life. An inclusive work environment and employee resource groups help us keep it that way.
Find your producer.
We believe that everyone should love where they work. Some places are just easier to love than others. We’re proud to say we’re one of those places.
Client focus.
We will do everything possible to make sure your production is a successful one.
Value ad.
We aim higher and expect our clients to do better because of our work.
Video Production Tiers
FD Productions specializes in providing high quality video production services.

Tier 0 - Raw Footage

  • 1. Cinematographer or videographer
  • 2. Mixer (sound) (if needed)
  • 3. Optional: Timecode, Cloud Back Up Services, media management.

Tier 1 - Film+Edit

  • 1. Full Production Crew
  • 2. Basic Post Production Services
  • 3. Remote edit services

Tier 2 - Scripted Productions

  • 1. All of Tier 1 plus teleprompter use
  • 2. Review of scripts
  • 3. Voice over talent + full post production

Tier 3 - Branded Content

Signature Film Production - Including Preproduction, Production and Post Production Video Production Services, an end-to-end solution.