Pre-production services

"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
script, shotlist and budget development
  • script
  • shotlist
  • budget
  • FD Productions will develop a storyboard and a shot list within your budget and within the project's deadlines.

talent/crew acquistion
  • casting calls
  • interactive casting calls
  • interview scheduling
  • FD Productions will host casting calls, provide interactive casting calls if necessary and book crews and talent.

location scouting
  • 1-6 days of active location scouting
  • FD Productions will identify the best locations to shoot the media and in terms of telling the best storry within the narrative.

film permit acquisition and licensing fees
  • FD provides a comprehensive package of pre-production services to bring your project from concept to completion.
VFX / graphic development
  • asset creation
  • During this phase of the production process, an FD Productions staff member will create a list of all the necessary assets we would need to finish production, both graphics work and stock film use.

Pre-production workflow

Concept development
The most important phase of any production is pre-production. FD's creative directors will faciliate a creative open-minded workflow to expedite and maximize production value for all types of production. To start, FD Productions will produce a storyboard and a shot list thats within budget and create a timeline to make sure distribution occurs precisely when necessary. Since 2004, management has hosted interactive casting calls, booked talent, procured film crews, lined up interviews, scouted locations, provided licensing agreements and created VFX and motion graphics for our clientele. This process may sound like a mouth full but is instrumental in executing a successful production. Shaping narratives into epic meaningful media is what we pride ourselves with. Click here for a full pre-production checklist.