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FD Productions (FD) specializes in the composition of low-altitude aerial, gimbal, steadycam, tripod, and dolly filming services for motion pictures, national broadcast television, luxury real estate, and commercial use throughout the United States. We offer the entire gambit of production services from raw footage, to fully editted productions. We have worked on several motion pictures, television shows, high-end luxury residential marketing campaigns nationally and internationally. We employ real F.A.A. pilots for the safe, reliable operation of our aircrafts, hollywood trained cameramen, and the industries best gimbal operators for ground shots. We offer several monitors to directors, realtors, and broadcasters for an purely dynamic process offering our clients to alter flight paths or shooting multiple vantage points. Contact us today.

Our Team

We are a passionate group of film makers and engineers dedicated to depicting clear, cinematic motion pictures.
Shaun Khan
Tony Thompson
Tamanno K
Head of Sales
Kudrat K
Head of Music Division
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We take pride in our interdisciplinary approach in crafting beautiful, useable and engaging footage that delights and delivers results.
Aerial Cinematography [4K+]
  • Red Epic/Dragon
  • GH4
  • Hero4
Full Production Services
  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Post Production | Distribution
FD Specialities
  • Motion Pictures
  • Television
  • Commercials
Personal Videography
  • Event Based
  • Sports
  • Wedding
  • We Rent Ronin w/ GH4!
  • Gimbal Technician Must Be Present
  • We offer day rates/hourly rates
Our Client Service History
aerial videography - 90%
aerial photography - 70%
full production services - 80%
hand gimbal services - 60%
customer satisfication - 100%
Our Happy Clients
Warren Oaks
"Shaun is one of the greatest professional photographers whom I have ever met"

Warren Oaks, COO
Kevin Krakower
"I highly recommend FD Productions for your next aerial photo/video shoot!"

Kevin Krakower, CEO
Nat Ferguson
"FD Productions were great! They nailed the angles I needed to capitalize on the size of the lot on the home for sale. "

Nat Ferguson, CEO
Clifford Rowe
"Aerial Cinematography Experts!"

Clifford Rowe, Developer
Alat Nubia
"THey Nailed it."

Alat Nubia, CEO
Gabe Nevarez
"Outsounding services."

Gabe Nevarez, City of South Pasadena
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