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In the past, the highest quality film and video productions are almost always executed when clients have a specific vision, a grip over the audience, and a clear understanding of the motion pictures purpose. The following may help future clients, producers, and filmmakers create meaningful digital motion pictures:

Runtime - Less is more. Extending scripts for alternative shots and/or capturing unusable media is a waste of effort and time for everyone involved in the process, but having the creative freedom to propose newer alternative shots is also important, one must procede with caution.

Script / Shotlist - Instrumental for FD Professionals as it provides the basis for the clients ultimate vision.

Sourcing Talent - Creating, organizing and facilitating casting calls to source appropriate faces for the roles intended.

VO (Voiceover) - Hearing different voices to elect the best sounding voice (Need the actual voice of Siri? We have access to her!) and allocating studio time for recording sessions.
FD Professionals do not differeniate video from film. FD operates with extreme attention to detail in an organized fashion. Motion picture production is one of the most complex services without having a team of industry veterans and ex film professionals leading the process. Providing a healthy refreshing mix of narrow, medium, and wide shots are essential, please consider the following:

- Consider the use of a make-up professional - Provide feedback on the time of day and understanding how important time of day is in the form of composition and considering lighting scenes as needed. - Choose frame rate 24 (film look) versus 30 fps (video or tv) - Consider studio rental or green screen rentals - Draft text layovers (if necessary) - Elect editing style - Indicate if SEO video services, or post-production distribution needs - Aerial cinematography or drone videography needed? - Music composition required? - Folly or music background sounds necessary?
Additional Client List
Mondrion Hotel - Aerial Camera Operator and Pilot

"Roadrun" Motion Picture"

Submarine Kid" Motion Picture




Motion Picture

"Built to Survive" T.V.Lew Productions

Oliver Brooks

Teles Properties

City of Brea

City of South Pasadena

GK & Associates

Sleep & Beyond

American Eagle Outfitters Commercial

Interscope Records Music Video

Deloitte - Steadycam Operator/Drone Pilot/Drone Cameraman

"Maddox" Short Film"The Professional" Motion Picture (in progress)

The Ritz-Carlton - Full Production Services

Technicolor - Steadycam Operator

Dell Corporation - Steadycam Operator

MBK Private Equity Group (Commercial series)
Red Epic Dragon

Canon 5D Mark III

Sony A7sII


Heavy Lift Drone

DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin 2

Phantom 1/2/3/4

DJI s800 Evo

DJI s900

DJI s1000

DJI f330

DJI f450

DJI f550

Tarot 680

Z15 Zenmuse Gimbals

x4 (carry or fly)4

7" Live Feed Battery Powered Monitors

Panasonic GH4

Rode Pro Mic

Boom Mic

Zoom H6

Atomos Shogun