Script Development

Prior to even initiating the pre-production process starts, an idea must be written down in polished form for a screenplay to be derived off of. But when it’s crunch time, you need to finalize that screenplay and convert it to a shooting script—one that reads for the director, cinematographer, and camera crew as well as it does for the actors.
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a screenplay
Regardless of any type of video, film, psa or commercial production theres always a need for a script. The script is a detailed map of all the intricaies of production. The basics of screen direction, script revisions and consulting an industry expert to provide script revisions and approvals on the final script before production starts will help avoid costly re-shoots or additional voiceover recording sessions.
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Script Supervisor

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Script Supervisor
FD Productions provides a custom tailored approach to screen writing and bases decisions on the type of screen play and make sure to provide notes on the specifics goals of the project.We offer script development and script superviser services from industry veterans who make sure your narrative is properly executed.
Currently, FD Productions provides script serives for the following distributions: Film - MICRO-BUDGET (under $2mm, intended for self-production), INDIE FILM MARKET ($3 - $20mm, financed independently by foreign sales agents and investors), STUDIO FILM ($20mm+ budget to be done by studio), commercials, psas, and internal corporate videos.

To start the conversation please shoot us an email. The typical turn around time is four business days with rush turn around in 24 hours for an extra fee.