Location Scouting

  • Film Permit Acquisition
  • Airplane Flight Paths
  • Character relevancy
  • Logistics
  • Topic/Character/Subject Relevancy
  • Basecamp placement
  • Natural light
  • Power (electricity)
  • Security (cast and crew safety at filming location)
  • Tech Scout
  • Is the location available when needed?

    If so, is it within budget?

    Where is the location relative to other filming locations?

    How, if at all, does this affect transportation expenses, plans and requirements?

    Would we need to construct or perform any leasehold improvements on the existing location?

    Is this process permitted?

    Study the rules and conditions of using the location? Are you able and willing to abide by them?

    Are there ample sources of power, is electricity available and operable? If not, how many generators need to be employed? Will the production involve pulling sound? What sort of implications or hurdles would we have to process?)

    How close is the location to any major freeway or airport? If aerial cinematography or drone services are needed no filming can take place between a certain mileage restriction according to the FAA and would this location be ideal if there is several classes of airspace above the filming location?

    Is there a bathroom nearby? If not, where is the closest one, and how can you get people there conveniently? Will you have to rent trailers for talent?

    Is there running, potable water?

    Is there any available space offscreen for staging equipment?

    Is there a place to set up craft services? What about for actor holding?

    Location Manager

    Depending on the budget, a location manager to coordinate this part of the pre-production process.
    Shortcutting is often not recommended, pulling the proper permits to legally film often expedites shoots and provides the crew an added sense of security since filming in public or sometimes even private locations is almost always illegal. Stopping the production of twenty crew members is not fun. Getting permission to use the best filming locations can also be easy and its becoming surprising easy.