Film Permitting

when are film
permits required?
When filming in public or sometimes even private filming locations if the production is shooting a film, a music video or a corporate internal promotion or PSA, there are laws regarding film permit requirements. For productions based in Los Angeles FD Productions strongly recommends abiding by FilmLA's specifics and standards of acquiring the necessary permits.
Either FD Productions or the executive producer will be required to furnish proof of liability insurance as well as workers compensation before anyone can coordinate and release permits. Insurance requirements will vary depending on the areas you intend to film, and the activities you plan to conduct on location.

Licensing Fees

stock film
Depending on the budget, FD Productions will study the shot list and forecast the potentials costs of purchasing shots not on the shot list. These shots often include wide, establishing aerial shots or product specific shots that have already been shot and would be more cost effective to purchase rather than include within the shot list.
best practices
for permit acquisition
First you must ask am I on public property? Will I be affecting other people? Will I be filming on city or state property? This process can take easily up to two weeks and its important to be as honest as possible on all forms.

Waivered Locations

Hire a location scout

The location scout, a film crew member, responsible for finding and securing locations to be used, obtaining all fire, police and other governmental permits, and coordinating the logistics for the production to complete its work. They are also the public face of the production, and responsible for addressing issues that arise due to the production's impact on the community.