Cast and Crew

FD Productions hosts interactive casting calls or in person casting calls. Auditioning early and often is the key, FD Productions always recommends procuring talent from SAG actors and actress no matter the type of production. Finding the perfect cast goes a long way and ripples throughout the produced media.
Procuring the crew during this stage of pre-production is of utmost importance and allows our editors a chance to meet directly with FD's filmmakers to have initial shot list discussions. FD's creative directors always stress that film making is a COLLABORATIVE process and making sure the personalities put together mesh well is key. A well rounded crew will ensure efficient execution and maximum production value.
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Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe

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FD Productions utilizes industry veterans for hair, make up and wardrobe coordination. After carefully studying the script determining what each character is wearing in each scene, along with their general appearances is the devil in the details and must be very specific to the narrative. As important as the script may be, such specific details provide character development and visually demonstrate how the plot is unraveled. Assuming the script was not produced by a script writer or signed off by a script supervisor mention wardrobe or developing the elements of appearance must be figured out.
Production Value
Wardrobe decisions must be derived by carefully considering the time of day, set location, actor availability, and other variables. To maintain continuity, a list of what each character looks like in each scene will help keep track of hair, makeup, and wardrobe specifics, so the materials and costumes are readily available, when you need them. The FD script supervisor must be present during all aspects of the production process will have to watch actor/actress appearances between shots, ensuring that they're consistent. The script supervisor is also in charge of prop maintenance. Depending on the budgets' scope and complexity of the shoot, a dedicated hair, makeup, and wardrobe department is key. Noting hair, makeup, and wardrobe requirements can facilitate discussion and ensure maximum production value.